Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Social Investing Websites are gaining Popularity these days.

Off lately you may have realised a buzz word know as "Social Investing Community" for me its is a advanced version of "Forums" or even a combination of Forums, Social Media site and Information sites as they give every thing starting from - Discussions , Stock Quotes, Charts, Portfolio and many more things and yes you can also add friends as you do in your Facebook and/or Orkut.
I think these sites are of a great help to an individual investor who is all alone.

Here is a list of few Indian Social Investing WebSites-

StockEzy - StockEzy is one of my favorite. Its in Beta version and has almost all features one may look out for.

MoneyVidya - MoneyVidya is my second favorite site yet is in alpha version , but a good one.

StocksBuddy - Stocks buddy is one another site has a good amount of users but doesn't have many features if compared to stockezy. StocksBuddy is one of the oldest site in my opinion.

CafeStocks - CafeStocks is a good site but doesn't have many features.

Mudraa - Mudraa is a good site, has many features but not properly arranged.

Check them out guys but don't forget to visit my blog too- IndianMoneyPlus.Com.
Happy Investing to all!


Tushar Makhija said...

Thanks Chirag for the blog post. Surely Social Investing is the new buzz word. At stockezy the mantra is to connect like-minded investors and provide a platform to collaborate and work together together to make informed investing decisions.

Stockezy is not just about stock picking, it is provides complete social investing experience, from Community Discussions, Stock Recommendations, Portfolio Management and QnA.

Squamble is an honest effort and provides good information. Chirag- keep up the good work!

MoneyVidya.com said...

Thanks for the mention Chirag! One thing that I wanted to point out to your readers is that while MoneyVidya.com has loads of features, such as Polls, Q&A, Interactive Historical Charting / Compare Companies Charting, and user Blogs, our main focus is our Stock Picking Feature and our Rating and Ranking Algorithm (which we've just updated, by the way!

There are loads of people willing to opine about stocks and share advice - but the problem is that one doesn't really know who's really worth following!

MoneyVidya.com's rating system 'marks' everybody out of 5 stars based on their historical Stock Picks (recommendations) so that you'll know exactly who to track!Gautam