Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internal fights in India. - election 2009.

It all started in November 2008 when Mr Advaniji started blogging.
Then an advertisement on TV. It was a counter ad by both Congress and BJP.

For every hour you sit to watch TV you will find both BJP and Congress ads at least once.

Congress purchased the rights for an ad jaI ho song from the Oscar winner "Slumdog millionaire" which goes as "jai no.............." no sooner BJP came out with an ad which goes as "Bhay ho......" which means frightened. It actually meant that when congress was the ruling party what India got was just tears.

How can one forget when Advaniji said that "he has not seen such a weak PM as Dr.Manmohan Shing

There were agitated people throwing chapels (shoe) on politicians. First one was thrown on Mr. Chidambaram and later was thrown on Cavern Jindal (MP from Kurukshetra) and Even on Advani.

Is there any thing which is unseen by us to be seen.

One thing notable is that politicians have now become tech savvy as some of them have followed Obama's foot steep of blogging and tweeting.

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