Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Indian Advertising Sector in Boom.

The media industry is actually facing a bad time now but here is a reason to cheer as Indian Political parties are likely to spend around 800 crores on Ads.
And more over the IPL going around the Indian media industry is having a good time now.
But if you go to see many of big industries including MNC's are cutting on Advertising cost's.

Political Parties
Experts say the total advertisement spending by the political parties would be around Rs 800 crore. The Congress and the BJP alone could spend over Rs 400 crore on ads on television, radio and newspapers. Most of these ads appear on going to general entertainment and regional TV channels and hardly a small proportion in News channels.
Then what about Advani's Rs 250 Crores Ad campaign

The IPL Fever
IPL is one of the big source which will help the media industry and Set Max in common. IPL really has a huge TRP.

PS - This boom is short lived only till May.
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stockezy said...

we should try and track the Media stocks, HT Media, Zee, UTV to see if there is really an uptick on spending on ADS.

As far as the newspapers go, I do not see a change in their bottom line very soon.