Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do you know Advani campaign is worth Rs 250 cr.

My post last month "L.K. Advani now following Obamas foot steps." I wrote how L.K Advani is promoting or Branding himself by advertising on the net, writing a blog,created a website, made a facebook page and also created an Orkut community Just Like Obama.
This campaign is worth Rs 250 Cr or $ 5 Millions. This all is for the upcoming elections.

Advani will be hailed as a leader who could ‘lift India’s economic spirits’ out of the current downturn in a campaign costing the party over Rs 250 crore. The Congress too is not to be left behind. In a big-ticket campaign, the Congress will launch itself to woo the voters soon.Via

Any site you surf once a day at least you will come across the Ad of L.K Advani. This is certainly a good news for bloggers as they can collect an extra buck.

Should we term Advaniji's Blogging mania as an Indian Version of Obama practice of Web 2.0?
What do you think about it ?

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