Monday, February 2, 2009

Pakistan has more missiles than India.

With active help from China and North Korea, Pakistan has surged well ahead of India in the missile arena. (TOI)
China is constantly being helping out Pakistan.
The only nuclear-capable ballistic missile in India's arsenal which can be said to be 100% operational as of now is the short-range Prithvi missile.

I think India should carry out production on a mass scale.
Army, for instance, has orders worth Rs 1,500 crore for 75 Prithvi-I and 62 Prithvi-II missiles, while IAF has gone in for 63 Prithvi-II missiles for over Rs 900 crore.
Agni range missiles are yet being tested.

When will this be done ?
And more over why have they disclosed this secret. Foreign nations can take benefit of this.
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