Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google OR Gogola.

Its Gogola and not Google.
When I saw this brand for the first time I thought what is Google doing on road side? Selling gola's ? Later I realise its Gogola..
Gogola a moving Gola stall (and now even in vans) in Mumbai, they have selected a nice name for their very own brand. I know this is not new as many bloggers have written about it earlier. I am writing about it now as I saw this Gogola stall today outside my college and went and tasted it. One gola ranges between 30 to 60 Rs INR or 60 cents to 1.2$(USD)

Firstly what is Gola ?
Gola is made up of crushed ice with flavours and colours on it. It is said is Indian ice candy. It is crushed ice with flavoured syrup on top.

Gogola is selling Gola's in Mumbai. They say they use mineral water to make it. More over their logo is similar to google ( see the image above) and they have acquired a trademark for their name/ brand in India. Quite innovative.

Can this be called as start ups?
*Img src = Sujatha

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