Tuesday, February 10, 2009

6 Companies started during recesion period.

Are you afraid of Recession ? See these six companies born during Recession time and their position and market now , you will understand the meaning of patience.
People think a recession is a bad time to start a company? Imagine if the founders of these major corporations had thought the same. via

Six Pack of Companies -

Company: Procter & Gamble
Founded during: The Panic of 1837

Company: IBM
Founded during: The Long Depression, 1873-1896

Company: General Electric
Founded during: Panic of 1873

Company: General Motors
Founded during: The Panic of 1907

Company: United Technologies Corp
Founded during: In 1929, amid the Great Depression

Company: FedEx
Founded during: The Oil Crisis of 1973

So what do you think about recession?
I Think recession times are the best time to start some thing new and innovative.
Recession should always termed as an best investment opportunities. Hat

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Anonymous said...

I agree

Your thoughts are also in my mind, we have to spread the word about the situation, it is not that every one is in recession or will be fired from its job, its not that the world is going to an economic armageddon, each and every one of us haves its own problems, this "recession" affected people and companies in a certain way, but as long as we have our body and mind we can look forward for new opportunities.

Sadly the news that there was a problem with economy has gone badly managed by us people, and we had made the problem worse.

All my life ive heard things like, things are not well (economicaly), but we still eat, pay schools, cars etc. So, the thigs are that bad? I dont think so, at least it may be bad for some people, but not for all of us.

Who are those peope promoting the "recession" stuff?
a) Are the same people who is badly affected by it?
b) Or its the people's voice?

Certainly its not te people's voice, its more like the voice of some fat banker who made mistakes in his work, and its claiming that tax payers pay for their mistakes.

Some others spread the idea of the recession in a way they can be financialy veneficted, not always for the good of the people.

"Big car company haves problems, lots of jobs are in risk"

Are this employees not capable of get another job? Or maybe found a new car company?

No one said that the company needed to survive, the jobs need to be preserved, no matter whos the owner.

US seed and tries to farm the globalization, but that was when US didnt thought that its companies could be brought by another country

I think its time for people to take a role in the formation of the economy of the next years, not wait for Saint Obama save us all.