Sunday, January 18, 2009

School teachers in Bihar get salary less than a peon.

I first read this in TOI and was taken aback. So in Bihar its better to be a peon than a teacher it means. The situation is so worse that 200,000 Bihar teachers are getting salary less than a peon.
The reality bites. There is a Rs 4000 gap between the minimum salary drawn by a primary school teacher and a peon, a 4th grade employee. Even a teacher of the 10+2 school draws Rs 1,000 less than him.
These are shocking numbers.
But now as said government has implemented the new pay-scales, the government did not heed the grievances of two lakh teachers right from primary to plus-two level appointed on fixed pay ranging from Rs 4000 to Rs 7000. TOI.

Government should take some decision fast or else attrition rate of teachers would be too high.

So one thing I dont understand that why dont they reduce the pay (salary) of the peon and increase that of a teacher ?

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