Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is Slumdog Millionaire really India's pride.

Slumdog Millionaire surely won 4 Golden Globe but did it eradicate India's poverty ? No !
Then how can we say it as our nations pride. The movie is actually sued by Slum dwellers for insulting the poor. Yes it actually does.
This is what an Indian has to say - "Vishwakarma requested the court to protect the honour and respect of millions of slum dwellers across India," his lawyer Shruti Singh told the Indo Asian News Service."What hurt him was that even Indians associated with the film [did not object to being called] slumdogs," Ms Singh said."

The movie shows the world only the worst part of it or the negative aspect. It actually shows the image of poor India.
The movie is releasing in India on 23rd of Jan 2009

I don't think its India's Pride.

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Chirag Jethmalani. said...

Some think its good for India. I have expressed my own views.
Here is what Economic Times has published -

Chirag Jethmalani. said...