Friday, January 30, 2009

$10 or Rs 500 laptop to be displayed on 3rd Feb.

First it was Tata NANO which displayed out the worlds cheapest car and now it is the worlds cheapest Laptop for $10 or Rs 500. This would be some once minimum mobile bill in a city in India.
One cannot get even a simple black and white display mobile phone. But now in few months one can get a laptop. (Infact 6 months)
A $10 laptop (Rs 500) prototype, with 2 GB RAM capacity, would be on display in Tirupati on February 3 when the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology is launched. TOI

India caught everyone’s attention by announcing a laptop that would cost just $10 to own, but later made a redaction of the statement by saying it was $100. The latest happening is that the first figure was indeed true. The government will display a prototype of the Rs. 500 ($10) laptop in Tirupati on February 3 when the ICT department will launch its National Mission on Education.

The $10 laptop has come out of the drawing board stage due to work put in by students of Vellore Institute of Technology, scientists in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, IIT-Madras and involvement of PSUs like Semiconductor Complex.
At present the price is coming at around 20$ but the mass production can bring the prices down.

Features - As of now, only few features are known like the Wi-Fi, LAN, expandable memory which we assume is the storage and not RAM and will operate with just 2 watt of power.

This can say that India is progression towards achieving it mission of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).
Telecom industry will surely have a direct impact of this.


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Good article.The OLPC mission was a timely answer on the the ever increasing lack of education of many children in least developing countries. And what more better solution for this is the $10 laptop.

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