Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A startup idea - Free SMS sending portal.

When the conditions are in favour for some sector one should plan to penetrate. As the first function of an entrepreneur is to perceive opportunities.

A fact file on India Telecom sector -
  • India is the fastest growing telecom market in the world.
  • Around February last year, India overtook Russia to become the third largest mobile market.
  • India's total mobile subscriber base now stands at 237 mn in comparison with China's 534 million, US's 257 mn.
  • At current growth rate, India will cross the 264 million mark by May or May-end, overtaking the US.
  • India is expected to have 450 million mobile subscribers by the turn of the decade, which means every third Indian will have his/her own mobile phone by 2010.
SMS in India is expected to grow from 59 billion messages in 2006, to 180 billion in 2010.

So a startup related to SMS service is really needed. Looking at the demand and suppy gap in this area. Here is a list of few free SMS providers in India.

PS - Being innovative is the key to success.

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