Saturday, April 11, 2009

A positive side of Recession - Air India Saves 46 crores by implementiong fule efficiency programme.

Striving to become a 'green airline', Air India today said it has made savings of over Rs 46 crore in six months till this February by implementing several measures to enhance fuel efficiency.
The airline, in what started as a cost-cutting measure, achieved this by implementing a comprehensive range of measures to make each flight as environment-friendly as possible, minimising fuel consumption and carbon emissions and reducing noise levels.

In a bid to reduce weight of the aircraft, the airline has controlled in intake of water and even the weight of the food trolleys and magazines inside the plane.

Carrying of contingency fuel has been reduced from five to three per cent, with the crew tasked to comply with this move, the official said.

Fuel burn was being checked continuously through various methods. These include flying the aircraft on a straight flight path at an optimum height and speed. Via

PS - I would rather term this as a positive side of Recession as we got something new to see which saves cost and can directly benefit the travelers in future where air tickets are concerned.

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