Friday, April 10, 2009

The Chappal (shoe) Election 2009.

Its becoming too common throwing shoes on politicians.
First it was Mr. Chidambaram and now its the turn of industrilist cum MP Naveen Jindal.
Its becoming a cause of concern that there is some mistake in the system that needs to be solved , the shoe game is just because of sheer anger.
In my openion no one would dare to throw a shoe on politicians unless and until he wants to be famous or is angry with him or her.
During election time this is become common. Two parties are fighting among themselves , Not done ! . I totally disagree with the idea of throwing shoe but a rather way is to participate in politics and getting involved and bringing about a change in the system.

Here is a video on " Shoe thrown on Mr. Chidambaram -

PS - How many more shoe's are to be thrown ?

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