Sunday, February 8, 2009

TATA Nano will be launched on the 3rd of March.

All of you must be aware of the worlds cheapest car. Commonly known as the One Lakh Rupee car would be launched on the 3rd of March.
The booking for TATA Nano will start in the last week of Feb.
3rd March is the Birthday of Jamshedji Tata and also marks the launch of Tata Nano from now on.

Booking a NANO -
The booking amount for the world’s cheapest car will be Rs. 70,000. However, even after paying nearly 70 percent of the total cost, the wait for the final delivery of the car may be quite long.
The standard model will be available for Rs 1 lakh and there will two other models priced at Rs 1.24 lakh and Rs 1.34 lakh.

TATA hopes to collect Rs 700 cr in few weeks. This will give TATA some capital as it is currently in a bad financial situation of facing huge debt. It has not even paid off the vendors their dues.

I was shocked to read that Tatas are planning to give Nano to celebrities - few names include President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Opposition Leader LK Advani, Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

But TATA being the common mans car why is it going to them who have a Merck of BMW and Even Ferrari for an instance. What will they do of NANO ?
Rather they should give it to common man or the brave who have done some extra ordinary deed for the nation.

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