Thursday, January 15, 2009

Worlds top 5 outsourcing countries.

I was reading Business Week online and came across a survey which showed the worlds top outsourcing Countries.
India is in top 5 but at the 5th position.

This survey was conducted by Gartner when Satyams fraud was detected.

The survey was based on the following criteria -

Government support

Labor pool


Educational system


Political and economic environment

Cultural compatibility

Global and legal maturity

Data and intellectual property security and privacy

The Top Five -
No. 1 - Canada.
No. 2 - Australia , Ireland.
No. 4 - Singapore.
No. 5 - India and New Zealand.

India was beaten up the most in Infrastructure and was rated poor in it.
Cultural compatibility was another are where it was beaten.

India can be a massive global giant even if the infrastructure is well designed. It can surely land up in top 3.

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