Sunday, January 25, 2009

23 years old boy makes Millions from bloggers.

Its recession time people are loosing out their jobs and here is a guy named Dushyant Bhatia who quit his job despite of promotion he got in a leading firm J P Morgan.
Guess what is he doing now ?
He is in blogosphere now. He along with his partner from US have an advertising portal for bloggers, .
They started off with just Rs 45,000, have since made around $43,000 (over Rs 20 lakhs).
This is what he says -""There are so many people who write blogs and are hoping to monetize their efforts but they don't know how to. By buying advertising space on my site, I help direct users of my portal to their blogs.""They have to make a one-time payment for the next three years," said Bhatia, who offers ad space to bloggers at a rate of $15 (Rs 735) to $150 (Rs 7,350)." He said this to Mid Day.
Only last week they registered their 1500 th blogger.
He expects to generate over $100,000 (Rs 48.9 lakhs) in revenue over the next three months.

This is one unique strategy started by this young bud.
So finally one more Web 2.0 fan and entrepreneur.

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