Friday, May 1, 2009

SRK to sell Knight Riders.

It seems that SRK is no more finding the sports business profitable. SRK is in talk with Nokia, Sahara, Anil Ambani Group and others to sell his team.
One thing remarkable for him was that in IPL secession 1 his team was the only team to make a profit, though he made a minor profit of 13 crores.

What is making SRK sell this team ?
It seems the operating cost is hurting him the most. Secondly the under performance of the team.
In IPL - 2 the team has not done so well.
SRK had to pay 300 cr. to buy this team last year. Since then he has to pay 30 cr. every year till next ten years. The annual cost of the team is 75 Crores.

SRK has tries in many ways to make the things in favor of his team but his efforts were all in vain.

So who will be the next owner of Kolkata Knight Riders ?

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