Saturday, May 2, 2009

The new Vodafone TV commercials.

While watching IPL matches you must have come up across new vodafone commercial ads who deliver a message visually but not verbally.

I liked those ads and enjoyed them. In the ad you can see few structures moving who have head share like a egg. They are actually called as "ZooZoos".

ZooZoos is a new concept by Vodafone one of the leading telecom service providers in India. This concept is very innovative.

Each ad comes up with a unique message about various offers by vodafone. Vodafone is coming up with 30 such unique ads.

Zoozoos, a stick like figure with egg like heads that is aired during Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 cricket series to promote different offerings and services provided by Vodafone to its customers. - ET

"We have been thinking about this concept since last six months. As maximum number of people are glued to their television sets during IPL it was the right time to launch the concept," Vodafone Essar's Director (Marketing and new business) Harit Nagpal told PTI here. - ET

A twist in the story "Zoozoos are local theatre slim built women actors dressed in white costumes who were pratically blind and not animated as it appears."

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