Friday, April 17, 2009

Solar powered Mobile phone ?

I have heard about a solar powered calculator, solar cooker but never heard about a solar powered mobile phone. Until I came across a blog post from Tnerd.

When your mobile phone battery gets low and you are out you think would u have a cha
rged the mobile before leaving home. A better solution is Solar powered mobile phones.

DoCoMo has a better solution. The company is working on solar powered mobile phones.
This is not only a step in the direction of making mobile usage a better and easy experience but also helps in preserving and building a green and healthy world.

The phone you see in the picture is just a prototype but the company is expecting to push this phone into production soon.

So it will be like that when it rains or when snow falls and there is no sun , your cellphone would be off and you could sleep happily (As your girl friend wont trouble you) lol.!!

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