Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to learn languages online ?

Wondering what all you can get on internet ? There is a world behind chatting, surfing and many more things. Now you can even learn various languages online.
A site named Myngle give you a teacher who can teach you various languages when you register as a user (Student).
A student can choose his own teacher."You can choose your own teacher or student depending on your specific needs, availability and price!"

About Myngle - Myngle is the global language marketplace, where teachers and students from all over the world myngle, understand each other better and have fun. As they learn new languages and cultures. Myngle offers a solution by providing students and teachers in different locations with a complete online language instruction platform, containing all the tools needed for synchronous e-learning.
I think this is a good business model of its kind as it provides one to one way of communication.
They have also given a live demo on their home page.

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