Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Common mistakes an investor makes in Stock Markets.

Many people loose money by investing in stock markets and then they curse the markets.
So a suggestion is invest sensibly. Invest Smartly !

Here are few common mistake which people make.
  • No proper planning.
  • Aggressive Buying without knowledge about the company.
  • Aggressive Trading.
  • People keep on Trading in fact over trading.
  • No balance between various kinds of Investments.
  • Not Investing for long Term.
  • Speculative Trader.
  • Sell even when a minor uptrend is seen.
  • Taking loans to invest in Stocks.
  • Borrowing money from Friends and Relatives.
  • Only depended on Analyst views.
  • Follow Tips what others give and not putting your own value inputs.
  • Depending on an unreliable person for help.
  • Investing full amount in Penny Stocks.
Among these the most common once are Depending on Tips by Analyst , Aggressive Trading and Investing in Penny Stocks.
During bull run we saw that people took loans for investing keep their house property as mortgage and lost a huge sum of money. Few people also borrowed money from Friends and Relatives.

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