Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Investing in Virtual Real Estate.

I don't know whether all of you are familiar with the VRE i.e. Virtual Real Estate.

What does this mean ?
VRE means parking your money online. What few people have done in past and many are still doing is that they had/have invested a small sum of their money in good domain name say IndianMoneyPlus.Com and sell/sold it or auction it when there is a buyer for it(domain).

In fact VRE is not just about selling a site. It also relates to monetizing a site(domain).

Is this a good way of investing ?
Yes , it is . Many people had done this in the past and many are doing it yet.
Many have earned millions from this.

How much to invest?
Starts from 2$ and any where between 30$ .

Online Advertisements have changed the phase of Internet. Now many people blog to earn a extra sum of money. (So do I !)

Some positive factors -
Low investment cost.
High returns can even give 1000$ .
Online mania.
Dot com boom. Web 2.0 world.

The only one concern remains high in this business is selling the domain name. But if you are a good marketing person its not a big deal for you.
One problem faced by all is that most of the attractive domain names have already been selected so finding a killer name is a tough task.

Best of Luck.. Go ahead.
In my next post I will be writing about how can u sell a domain name.

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