Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now stock and commodity trading via Mobile.

A small piece of mobile phone now does it all.

Reliance Money introduced mobile trading in both equities and commodities across all mobile platforms independent of device, operator, and the underlying carrier technology.
The company unveiled its 'Mobile Trading Portal', which offers equity and commodity trading services to its investors, across all telecom operators. With this initiative, the company hopes to tap the approximately 347 million telecom user base in India.
To access the portal, any Reliance Money customer who has Internet access through a GPRS or CDMA-enabled mobile phone can log in to the Reliance Money website using the existing user id and security token number and trade in equities and commodities. This platform works on over 6000 different mobile phones. via

This is one of a unique step of its kind. No one has ever heard about this.
All Kudos to Reliance Money along with it developers and partners (Religare Technova Global Solutions, Wipro , and Volantis).

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