Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Current scenario of Indian blogging Industry.

The Indian blogging industry was never so famous before many celebrities started blogging , including Mr. LK Advani.
Blog in simple words means expressing out our feeling which people can read and comment.

Current Situation.
But at present the Supreme Court Decision on Ajith D Case will hamper blogging in India.
This started when 19 year old Kerala resident Ajith D started an Orkut community against Shiv Sena that received several anonymous posts leveling certain allegations at the party. The Shiv Sena youth wing registered a criminal complaint, and Ajith was served a summons by a Maharashtra court to appear for the hearing. via

TOI says it is no more safe to start a blog and invite others to register their raunchy, caustic and even abusive comments on an issue while seeking protection behind the disclaimer — views expressed on the blog are that of the writers.

One thing a blogger should remember - Rather than always being negative be neutral or more positive.

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