Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What if Obama was Indian President ?

Barack Obama who became the 44th US President , if he wasn't so and was an Indian President then ?

He would be using/driving an Ambassador car with a red light on it rather than using Escape Hybrid which he uses at present.

(Escape Hybrid ) (Ambassador with red light used by ministers and VIP's)

His office would be in Delhi and not in Washington D.C.

(L to R - Indian Parliment , Obamas Office)

He wouldn't be having millions of fans on facebook and thousands on twitter.

He would be wearing some white coloured suit against the black smart suite he wears at present.

And more over his eating preference would be different.

Democratic or Republican ? What would he have been. India practices and believes in democracy.
If you have any other point plz do comment.

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