Saturday, January 17, 2009

A factfile on Indian Entertainment and Media Industry.

Fact file on Indian Entertainment Industry: -
India has largest selling newspaper in the world - Dainak Jagran.
India has the largest selling English newspaper in the world - The Times Of India.
India produces largest no. of films in the world.
India Buys largest no of movie tickets.
India has the 3rd largest cable TV homes in the world.
But the ad spend to GDP in India is less than half of world average (0.98%)
Indias share to the global industry is ($1.4 trillion) which is less than 1%
Markety cap of entertainment industry in India is < 1/ 10 (less than) of top 10 US players.
This will change as the industry moves from unorganisaed to organised manner.

Reasons for this industry to prosper: -
Per Capita income is increasing at a faster pace.
So people tend to spend in Luxories and outings.
Media brings every thing to light so every one reads it.
People are getting literate day by day so the need for news papers will increase.
Colabration of Indian Inds. with Hollywood Inds. will prosper.
Industry is undervalued at present.

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